Secure your WordPress

Protecting a WordPress website from hackers involves implementing a combination of best practices for security. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you safeguard your WordPress site: 13. Disable File Editing: Prevent unauthorized users from editing theme and plugin files directly from the WordPress admin panel. You can do this by […]

How to create a subdomain

Subdomains can point to different sections of your website. In order to create a subdomain in your cPanel account, follow the next steps. 1. Log into cPanel on the account to add the subdomain on. Click “Domains” under the “Domains” section. 2. Click the Create A New Domain button: 3. […]

How do I change my client area password?

In order to change clientarea password, first you will need to login to clientarea. If you do not know how to log in then refer to these instructions. Once you are logged in perform following steps: Enter existing password in Existing Password box. Type your password in New Password box […]