IRTP Transfer Lock Enabled

This domain is currently locked for transfer due to a contact change – this means that if you have recently made changes to the Contact Information such as Full Name or Email Address, transfer will be prohibited for 60 days (from the time the changes were made) This domain is […]

How to Pathping or traceroute to your domain

Pathping or traceroute to your domain to better help us troubleshoot. ====================================== WINDOWS: (YOURDOMAIN.COM is your actual domain) Click Start, then Run, type cmd and click OK. Type pathping YOURDOMAIN.COM and hit enter. The protocol will generate a series of hops. After the hops are generated, depending on the number […]

How To Fix SSL Mixed Content in WordPress

The most used method for beginners, using a SSL fixer plugin. if you are web developer you may fix it by editing your code. Simply install and activate the Really Simple SSL plugin, Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » SSL page to review plugin settings. Really Simple SSL […]

Change WordPress URL in wp-config.php File

The most common way to change your WordPress URL is via your wp-config.php file. It is important to note that values in wp-config.php override the settings in method one. The wp-config.php file is typically located at the root of your WordPress site and can be accessed via cPanel File manager. […]

how to manually change “A” Record from cloudflare

Normally cloudflare automatically synchronize all of record, sometimes  we may need manually change “A” Record from cloudflare DNS. Login your cloudflare Account and than select your domain. Click DNS , look in the down , you will find all of DNS zone here. You need to update only one “A” […]

How do I login to client area?

Client area is useful to view your invoices, make their payment, view your hosting account information and for support tickets. In order to login to your client area, you need following two details: Registered email address Password Please note that, your control panel and client area login details are different. […]