How to use File Manager in Direct Admin

DirectAdmin’s file manager is not much different from other file managers. This file manager, much like others allows for the same utilities.

  • Create Files
  • Upload Files
  • Create Folders
  • Modify Permissions
  • Delete Files
  • To access the File Manager you would go “System Info & Files –> File Manager“.
  • Once inside, you’ll see the following view – the file manager itself
file manager

Deleting Files

In order to delete a file, we’ll want to navigate to the public_html directory . You can click on public_html it to enter into that directory.

  • Once inside, you’ll see a layout of all the files within this directory.
  • The folder we’re going to delete is abcxyz. You’ll want to ensure it’s checked (green check) – when it does, you’ll see a black bar appear at the top with various options. We’ll use the ‘delete’ option to remove the file.
  • You’ll get a confirmation request, click ‘Delete’ and the file will be removed.
  • You can also click the folder for an alternative menu with various additional options

Create Folder , Create File, Upload File

You’ll see that it’s not much different from most file managers. You have the following options available on this screen

  • Create Folder
  • Create File
  • Upload File

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