Reasons for IP address block in CSF

Sometimes you find the website hosted with us inaccessible. More than that, you are not able to access cPanel and webmail. The links are displaying an error message Server connection timed out.

so, if you find yourself not being able to connect to the website, cPanel and webmail from a certain computer, most likely, you have triggered the Firewall rules.

Block due to failed POP3/IMAP login attempts

If you are seeing the error windows of IMAP/POP3 failed authentication in your email client, then most probably the login credentials you are currently using for the email account are outdated/incorrect. In this case, also you will end up with your IP get blocked in the CSF as the email client will not stop trying to access the mail server with that wrong credentials.

Block due to failed SMTP login attempts

Another way is that in any case if the SMTP authentication gets invalid so that you are unable to send email from the email client. So it is important to take care of the SMTP credentials to login, make sure that you are using the full email address and the correct password.

Incorrect email client settings

In some cases, the email client (Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, eM Client, ETC ) settings also cause for an IP block.

Failed FTP/SSH login
If you are accessing the server via FTP with some FTP client, then make sure that you are using the correct login details with the FTP client. Also if you are using incorrect port number to log in then also your IP get blocked in the firewall.

Failed web page login
In some cases, if the website needs authentication to further check as the website has some type of protected directory. Please make sure you use correct login details in the authentication box. Otherwise, there is a chance for your IP get blocked.

mod_security to block your IP

it indicates that some unwanted or incorrect access has occurred from your PC/internet to the server. To determine what might have triggered mod_security to block your IP, Analyze the traffic patterns from your PC. Unusual or excessive requests might trigger security measures. Consider if there’s any legitimate reason for increased traffic.

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